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Heating Air Conditioning Insurance / HVAC contractors insurance in Minnesota offers financial protection for your business. HVAC contractors’ insurance policies from our insurance agency may include things that your general contractor might require. Coverage like additional insured, primary non-contributory, waiver of subrogation/transfer or rights, etc. Heating, air conditioning / HVAC is a specialty trade requiring special technical skills. You are good at heating and air service, repair, and installation, protect your Minnesota business. We are good at insurance for your heating and air business.

Request for a free HVAC contractor insurance QuoteHeating Air Conditioning Insurance is general liability insurance. It covers bodily injury and property damage claims. For a more detailed definition, click here: General Liability Insurance

HVAC contractor insurance

Start with Minnesota general liability insurance, and maybe you need commercial auto insurance for your business van or truck.  You will need workers’ compensation insurance if you have employees in Minnesota. Often we see contractors needing worker’s compensation to get paid.  In this case, you simply purchase a ghost or waiver type of work comp policy. Then the certificate of insurance, proof, can be sent to them.  If you have some specific requirements from a Minnesota general contractor; just send them to us. We would be happy to look and assist. Obtaining insurance quotes and the correct coverage from our agency is so easy. Minnesota general liability insurance protects against bodily injury and property damage claims that could put you out of business. Comparing Heating, Air Conditioning, and HVAC insurance in MN from time to time is just a good business practice. We represent numerous carriers that will fight for your business. Don’t settle for cheap Minnesota Heating Air Conditioning Insurance & HVAC contractors insurance.

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Let us find you a low-cost solution while not forgetting the valuable coverage you need for running a successful heating and air conditioning company in Minnesota. Read our Bio, then request your quote. Complete the simple form to the right or give us a call at 952-469-0425. Let’s do business!

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