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Irrigation insurance for Minnesota contractors – Lawn irrigation installers & sprinkler system installation insurance is general liability insurance. MN sprinkler and irrigation companies pay attention. Lawn sprinkler contractor’s insurance, commercial and residential quotes. Minnesota companies that install sprinkler and lawn irrigation systems have special needs. General liability insurance helps protect from bodily injury and property damage claims. It can cover your MN premises, products, operations and completed operations. You need protection from lawsuits and other liabilities that could crush your business. For a more detailed definition, just click here: General Liability Insurance

Many of the people and companies you work for will ask for proof of insurance. That proof in the insurance world is call a certificate of insurance. The certificate of insurance is a snap shot of your insurance policy. It includes you name or business name, your Minnesota insurance company, policy number, coverage dates, coverage limits and the signature of your agent or representative. It also lists the certificate holder, the personal or requesting the certificate in the left bottom corner. So, we will need the name and US mailing address for that person or company. Also, a way to get it there such as a fax or email address.

Buy the right insurance at the right price, us! We will shop your sprinkler, irrigation contractor’s insurance or irrigation systems installation company’s insurance with multiple top-rated Minnesota carriers. Request a quote, relax, take a break. We will help find you the best insurance value. Read our Bio, then request your quote. Simply complete or short online form to the right or just give us a call at 952-469-0425. Let’s do business!