Do I need Workers Comp?


  • The requirement to have workplace insurance depends on the type of business. Businesses that hire employees (full-time, part-time, casual or contract) need workers compensation per Minnesota law.
  • Why does my general contractor require a certificate of insurance before I can start work or why are they holding my check?

Minnesota Law(Minn. Stat. §176.215) states:

  • When a subcontractor fails to obtain workers’ compensation coverage, the general contractor or any intermediate contractor is liable for payment of all workers’ compensation benefits due an injured employee of the uninsured subcontractor, so long as the injury occurs on a job that is within the scope of the contract.

The bottom line:

  • Your general contractor doesn’t want to be penalized or be forced to pay 14-21% of your check or more, to cover you under their workers compensation policy.

The Solution:

  • Purchase a waiver or “Ghost Policy”. We sell this type of Minnesota workers compensation policy, one that excludes coverage for you.
    Apply today, pay and have a policy right away. Provide the name and address for the company or person requesting the insurance certificate and that’s it!
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Disclaimer: Since we are not attorneys we cannot give legal advice, but we can share insurance information and opinions on company & state issues.